- Speed-E-Pan                  The original 8 quart capacity self contained used oil recycling container.

- Speed-E-Pan SE            The new smaller 3 quart version of our original Speed-E-Pan.

We now offer Speed-E-Pan in two convenient sizes. Our original standard 8 quart capacity Speed-E-Pan and our new 3 quart Speed-E-Pan SE

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SPEED-E-PAN is the brain-child of John Henecke and was developed with the guidance of his business partner, Shawn Gallagher. 

We’re excited to introduce the new SPEED-E-PANSE. Same great product as the original Speed-E-Pan but in a convenient new 3 1/2 qt. size.


Speed-E-Pan SE



SPEED-E-PAN is a self-contained oil pan and recycling container that eliminates the need for separate storage container.

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J & S Products LLC is a privately held company owner by John Henecke and Shawn Gallagher based in Cedar Rapids, IA. SPEED-E-PAN  is owned by and marked through J & S Products. 


Convenient 3-Pack

J & S Products LLC,     (319) 294-9817

PO Box 10807, Cedar Rapids, IA 52410