SPEED-E-PAN is the brain-child of John Henecke and was developed with the guidance of his business partner, Shawn Gallagher. Together, they have formed J&S Products, LLC, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  SPEED-E-PAN is one of those products, that, when everyone first sees it says, "Wow -- that's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?" On the surface, its basic materials and ease of use makes the SPEED-E-PAN a quick, clean, and cost-effective solution for do-it-yourself oil changes. But more       importantly, the ability to recycle 100% of the pan and it's contents makes SPEED-E-PAN a positive, responsible choice for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint by disposing of used motor oil properly through recycling centers. John and Shawn are two very focused, creative individuals whose automotive background,             entrepreneurial spirit and determination have taken SPEED-E-PAN from an idea hatched one day in a garage, to a patent on their design and a business plan that includes not only the national launch and private label distribution of SPEED-E-PAN, but the creation of several more products already in the works.       Please use the feedback form on our Contact page to get in touch with John and Shawn.

We’re committed to providing the best possible product at a competitive price.


J & S Products LLC is a privately held company owner by John Henecke and Shawn Gallagher based in Cedar Rapids, IA. Speed-E-Pan  is owned by and marked through J & S Products. ​




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Shawn Gallagher and John Henecke. Owners of J & S Products LLC and Patent owners of SPEED-E-PAN.



J & S Products LLC,     (319) 294-9817

PO Box 10807, Cedar Rapids, IA 52410

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