is a self-contained oil pan and recycling container that eliminates the need for separate storage container. 

​is made from recyclable materials so it is environmentally friendly. 

is made from sturdy corrugated cardboard to hold up to abuse. 

has an oil resistant exterior coating to keep the pan structurally sound. 

has a tapered drain pan area for faster mess free oil changes. 

has a Convenient light weight package is easy to assemble and handle. 

​has a 2-ply inner bag with a molded filler neck that is puncture resistant. 

5. Repeat steps 2, 3 & 4 at the opposite end of the pan box.

Figure 4

9. Take SPEED-E-PAN to your local recycler!

2. At one end, raise the top flap (with glue strip) and fold the two side flaps in, locking the side-flap tabs into the bottom of the pan. (Figure 2)

Figure 3

Proper disposal of Speed-E-Pan and its contents is the sole responsibility of the user. Speed-E-Pan does not support or promote disposal of the container and /or contents other than proper recycling of such. Verify specific recycling requirements for your own specific area and follow such requirements for disposal. Speed-E-Pan is a self-contained oil drain pan and recycle container used to promote proper recycling habits. The assembly of this
package is beyond the control of manufacturer. Manufacturer is not responsible for improper assembly. Manufacturer neither guaranties nor will be liable for any damage resulting in improper assembly or improper use. The liability of this product is limited to its purchase price, if it is shown to be defective in material and or workmanship. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, in connection with this product.

1. Remove packaging straps to expand SPEED-E-PAN. Fold top down into box to form the "Pan". (Figure 1)

holds up to 8 quarts of oil, large enough for most oil changes. 

has a push-in tapered drain plug that provides easy insertion and positive seal to inner bag. 

has an integrated back panel handle that makes the container easy to carry.
is folded flat for retail purchase and takes up less retail space. 

has large flat surfaces for brand name advertising. 

is designed for one time use, providing retailers repeat customers and customers with cleaner garages. 

has a large bottom surface to keep the container stable during transport.

3. Fold up the bottom end flap and push the "Mushroom" tabs into each of the two side flap holes, pulling the sides tight and locking them together. (Figure 3)

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8. Use the oil scraper to push any remaining oil in the top of the drain surface down into the drain hole. Replace the drain hole plug and wipe any remaining oil from the surface of the pan.


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4. Remove the tape backing from the top end flap, secure it to the bottom end flap to close up the end of the pan box. (Figure 3 & 4)

Figure 2

6. Remove the oil scraper (the resulting open space becomes the carrying handle) and the drain plug.

Figure 1

7. Drain the used oil into the SPEED-E-PAN.